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The neighborhood surrounding
the Quarternote Lofts is urban, historic and alive—with space for so much more. Already home to artists, teachers and renaissance pioneers, the Arts District continues to captivate. Music, theatre, live entertainment, fine dining—a vibrant landscape, an open invitation.

The Arts District of Benton Harbor had its beginnings in the early 1990s. Officially referred to as "community renewal through the arts" the district was the focus
of investment by a consortium of public and private organizations and individuals. Beginning with willing artists and adventurous entrepreneurs, the neighborhood is now home to a dozen new businesses and arts related

Entertainment, restaurants, coffee shops and a world-class microbrewery have opened eyes and stimulated interest and excitement in this corner of town. In 2008 the Arts District benefited tremendously from a comprehensive infrastructure and streetscape renovation. The project has provided visual testimony to the viability of the neighborhood.